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DIY SuperPail Step-by-Step

The Do-It-Yourself SuperPail ™ Combo is an excellent way for you to store your favorite bulk foods in your long-term storage.

And it’s really simple to do—just pick one of the methods we’ve outlined below, and follow the steps. Easy peasy.

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Method One:

  1. Fill your metallized bag with dried product (not too full or you’ll have a hard time getting a good seal and fitting it into the bucket).
  2. Insert oxygen absorber.
  3. Heat-seal the metallized bag using a warm iron or industrial sealer.
  4. The easiest way to do this is to lay the bag down and place a board or other sturdy (and heat-safe) object under the edge of the bag, then pass over it with the iron.
  5. Be sure to get a complete seal; otherwise the bag won’t serve its purpose.
  6. Place the sealed bag inside the bucket and place the lid on top to close.


Method Two:

(Illustrated in the image above)

  1. Place the metallized bag inside the bucket and fold the excess over the lip of the bucket.
  2. Fill the bag with dried product.
  3. Insert oxygen absorber.
  4. Heat-seal the metallized bag using either a flat iron (a hair-styling tool) or a clothes iron and a piece of board to help you get a good seal.

Now step back and take a look at all you’ve accomplished. New skill? Check. Bulk storage of your favorite dried foods? Check. General awesomeness? Check check.

Looking for more DIY preparedness projects? Check out our DIY section on the blog.

--Urban Girl

3 thoughts on “DIY SuperPail Step-by-Step”

  • Mary S.

    After i've done all this good work sealing everything up nice and tight how long will it last for me????
    I also have the bins with the Gamma lids can I do the same with those?

    • beprepared

      Hi Mary,
      After you've sealed everything up, it depends on where you store the product and the conditions you store it in to determine how long the items your storing will last. Check out this article on shelf life to figure out what proper storing conditions are and how long your stored food can las thttp://beprepared.com/education/shelf-life You can also seal bags in bins with gamma seal lids as well.

  • Carol Saenz

    Say I seal 10 lbs. of beans in metallized bag, when necessary I open bag to get 1 lb. of beans out, can I reseal the bag or do I need to use a new one?

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