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Introducing "Lessons Learned"

Hey there, fellow preppers!

Have you survived a disaster? Were you prepared in advance to face it, or is that disaster what got you thinking about emergency preparedness?

At Emergency Essentials, we strongly believe in our mission to help others prepare. One of the ways we do that is by providing education through our Preparedness Pantry blog, Be Prepared Forum, Insight Articles, and Emergency Essentials Prep School.

We can all learn from each other, and we would love for you to join us in educating others about emergency and disaster preparedness. If you have lived through a disaster, whether natural, economic, or man-made, you can click here to submit your story. We might just feature it as part of our new Lessons Learned series!

The first featured story will be posted later today--so check back soon. And send us your survival story!

2 thoughts on “Introducing "Lessons Learned"”

  • Greg Hall

    Icemas2013. 4 day icestorm during Christmas week. I was prepped, or so I thought. Power went out. No problem, my automatic backup would kick in, pure sine wave inverter and 150 amp hr of battery power. Problem is the inverter failed 6 minutes into the power outage! I reset the inverter. It failed again. Disconnected the batteries and did a hard reset. It failed again.
    OK, enough with this 21 century stuff and I reverted back to 1915. Started up a Perfection Firelight Kerosene heater whick powered a Sterling engine fan to blow the heat around the room. Now I had heat (10,500 Btu) and light (300 cp). Lit another wall lamp, Eagle #3 w/20 cp and the entire house now had light and heat. They ran for 4 days until power returned. And you know, neither the Perfection Firelight heater, Sterling fan or the Eagle #3 wall lamp failed in those 4 days! Guess it pays to have a backup plan for when the primary backup plan fails!

  • South Bay Safety Guy

    Living in California we tend to focus on earthquake preparedness, but don't forget the more mundane disasters. In the last 5 years our family hasn't experienced a single major quake, but we HAVE experienced almost a year of unemployment for the primary wage earner, plus three separate occasions where a family member had to go to the hospital. It's good to have supplies, but we got through those personal emergencies with plain old unglamorous insurance and savings.

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