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10 Easy & Delicious Food Storage Meals

With our ever busy schedules, sometimes it seems there just isn't time to make gourmet meals, what with the prepping, cooking, eating, and cleaning up. With these food storage recipes, however, you get delicious meals every night of the week with less effort.

Chicken A La King
Make a savory meal of chicken, mushrooms, and noodles in a rich white sauce and you’re sure to make your evening gourmet without taking up the whole night to cook it.

Food Storage Meal: Chicken A La King

Easy Hearty Beef Stew
With winter touching down all over, warm yourself up with a steaming bowl of hearty beef stew full of succulent beef and warm vegetables. Just put the ingredients together and let it simmer for 20 minutes.

Linguini Chicken with Vegetables
For a refreshing and filling pasta dish you won’t soon forget, try this combination of chicken, noodles, vegetables, and cheese with a tangy Ranch flavor. 

Spicy Chicken
Adventurers, when it comes to the world of food, get your taste buds ready for a spicy kick tonight! The Spicy Chicken combines jalapeño peppers, hot pepper sauce, onions, and chili powder to create an explosion of flavor on your plate.

Food Storage Meals: Spicy Chicken

Tropical Turkey Salad
Transport yourself to paradise with the Tropical Turkey Salad—a refreshing blend of sweet, citrus fruits with the crunch of vegetables, all mixed in with succulent turkey. The meal itself will feel like a vacation.

Breakfast Burrito
A simple, yet delicious meal to eat morning or night (breakfast is always a good idea, no matter the time of day). The Breakfast Burrito combines sausage and refried beans with your basic egg, cheese, and pepper burrito. You could even add some additional breakfast side favorites into your burrito like hash browns or bacon. 

Tuscan Tomato Soup
Traditional, flavorful, and warm—this hearty tomato soup combines pork sausage with vegetables, cheese, and Italian seasoning for an unforgettable flavor. It's a fantastic meal by itself or to complement grilled cheese sandwiches (don’t forget the Yoder’s bacon on the sandwich!).

Food Storage Meals: Tuscan Tomato Soup

Easy Beef Stroganoff
Using your food storage, you can easily make this hot, filling Beef Stroganoff in a matter of minutes!

Oriental Chicken Salad
Relish in the flavor of sweet fruits, green vegetables, and chicken with a sweet and sour dressing, served on a lettuce leaf.

Food Storage Meals: Oriental Chicken Salad

Emergency Essentials Garden Omelet
Add a healthy variety to your breakfast omelets with crisp vegetables from your food storage. Broccoli, green peppers, green onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes combine with your favorite omelet recipe to help you reach your daily vegetable servings. (Feel free to substitute any vegetables you dislike for ones you do).

With 10 food storage meals that are this easy to make, you get to spend more time doing what you love.

7 thoughts on “10 Easy & Delicious Food Storage Meals”

  • Linda

    With the advise to eat meat sparingly, as a vegetarian I find it difficult to understand why so many prepared quick meals have meat included. Just a thought! :) Also I would like to plan for my dogs emergency food & want to know if you had considered offering something in a dog food.

    • beprepared

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks for the tips. I pass on the idea for vegetarian options to my supervisors to see what can be done. Also, we now offer pet food for long term storage! Here's a link to the product page http://beprepared.com/gourmet-freeze-dried-pet-food-large-can.html?&sc=BLOG&oc=BP0001B936 Check it out to see if you like it for your dog.


  • Margaret

    Add me as someone who agrees with Linda's desire for more vegetarian offerings. Though I am not a vegetarian, I believe strongly that active, observant members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should be eating vegetarian meals MOST OF THE TIME if they are following the Word of Wisdom, and using meat sparingly when/if they do. Add to that the fact that the times I have needed my food storage the most (though I also incorporate it in everyday meals) were when we were going through lean financial times when meat, particularly expensive freeze-dried meat, would not be a wise use of limited funds. In addition to legumes, fruit and vegetables, homemade bread, hot cereals and homemade granola (with dairy or non-dairy milks,) using homemade seitan and, perhaps, something like freeze-dried tofu would be more our style in an emergency.

  • Kim

    Personally, I would like to see more meat (no pork) and vegetable entrees instead of all the noodles and rice. I'm a low-carb eater and so are most of my friends and relatives.

    • beprepared

      Hi, Kim.
      Noted! We'll work on getting some lean protein and veggie-focused entrees. Thanks for your input! Any particular favorites you'd like to see made from food storage?

  • Rachel

    Just wanted to point out to Margaret and Linda that there are TVP/vegetarian meat substitutes that would work for any of those recipes. I buy a ton of it to help give the impression of eat. It's pennies to the dollar compared to the real meats, even here at EE.

    I actually have a hard time finding entrees that contain real meat, and it's one of the reasons I like the Emergency Essentials Provident Pantry brand - they typically had options for both meat and a no-meat version. I can pull meat out to boost the dogs' protein (we also do eggs for extra dog protein) or leave it in for us, or I can "dilute" the meat-containing alfredo or beef stew with no-meat alfredo or the veg soup or soup veggie mixes.

    I love some of the expansions and changes, but miss being able to ID the small cans at a glance and would love some of the less-normal pantry grains (quinoa, buckwheat, millet, couscous).

    That oriental salad looks fantastic!

  • sandy

    i don't eat meat or chicken or fish due to the fact i cant afford it. The good news is that all of my blood work came back perfect and i told the nurse it wasn't my results. It was then i realized i was in better health than before. I still use the MH meals but it is not like eating a steak or burger, because there is not that much meat in there. I eat nuts, p nut butter, beans, quinoa and TVP for protein. Thanks beprepared.

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