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Water storage is crucial to have in an emergency, and these boxes make your water storage easily portable in case of evacuation. Water storage is crucial to have in an emergency, and these boxes make your water storage easily portable in case of evacuation. The basic 25-gallon boxed water kit includes five heavy-duty boxes, each with its own metalized five-gallon water storage bag with pour spout. The heavy-duty boxes come with perforations that allow for conversion to a portable toilet. This added sanitation makes the basic 25 gallon boxed water kit even more useful.

RV boondockers dream

I purchased these in lieu of traditional rigid 5 gal water containers for our RV. They fit neatly under the dinette seats and bed. I carry a few more collapsed for water runs. Great product.

Posted on 1/15/14 by David

love these!

I keep these under the beds, and they are affordable enough that you can buy one kit each month for 6 months and have 150 gallons of water on hand in case of boil water advisories or other emergencies.

Posted on 5/1/13 by Louise G

Great small capacity water storage

Extremely high quality tape, thick cardboard boxes, top quality mylar bags and seals. A great product except for the instructions... Pre-fold and shape the box. Wet one strip of tape with a moist sponge and seal the bottom. Play around with the top and an empty bag until you understand how they fit together. The whole brown cap on the mylar bag pops off for filling (a butter knife for leverage helps). Filling the bags inside the boxes is easier than getting filled bags into the boxes (in my opinion). Even with the poor instructions this is a very cheap and effective way to store 25 gallons of water in a portable format. The boxes and tape are heavy duty making moving them (or re-using the boxes) a lot easier.

Posted on 7/27/12 by gOf

Good Quality

Boxes and bags were heavy duty and well made. I was hesitant about leakage in the mylar bag where the spigot was located, but not an issue with these. If you are still worried, just store so spigot is at the top. Easy enough to fill, add preserver and seal when full. Nice carrying handles at end of box.

Posted on 11/6/11 by Todd W

Great product

Great product. Cheap, easy to use, good for limited space, I store under beds and in closets. Wonderful way to store water to take with you somewhere, easy to move than barrels.

Posted on 6/29/11 by Anna

Wonderful peace of mind

My teenage kids and I put together these boxes. I filled the bladder up in the sink, then, I lifted it up over the box by the top two corners, then a child pulled up the bottom corners of the bladder, and it slid very nicely into the box. Totally easy. Highly recommend!

Posted on 5/13/11 by MrsB

A Few Tips

I read the reviews for clues on removing the rubber cap. There is a plastic ring inside the cap. Used a screwdriver to remove the ring and then the rubber top will wiggle off. It is not a screw on cap. I filled the bags approx 5/6 full in my sink holding a dry towel around the opening to catch drips. Put the cap and plastic ring on the bag. lowered the bag into the box - one corner first - then pushed on the opposite corner and it slid right into place. Glad to have it stored away.

Posted on 3/14/11 by Mary

Great Item and Cost

I bought these bags after reading the reviews and thinking the price was pretty dang good to comparable items. Package showed up and was very well packed with great instructions. The bags are obviously food grade and remind me of the bags you get boxed wine in (don't ask). You need a flat-head screwdriver to pop the spout, but be gentle as to not deform the plastic or rubber (not difficult at all). As for ease of use and storage, it just doesn't get better than this. I filled them in the sink until I felt it was almost but not quite (freezing room) full. Slid it into the box and aligned the nozzle for when i need it. I also once filled burped the bag of all internal air. This was easy, just hold the bag with the spigot at the top and depress the spigot while squeezing the bag to get the air out. Once water comes out then it should be properly free of air. As for once it was in the box, it was a no brainer. Easy to carry and stack in my crawlspace with the rest of my SHTF stuff. I will say the most difficult or time consuming task was getting the tape on. Since you had to dampen it then place it, it took a few boxes to get a quick system down. But the tape is really nice and sticks well and is reinforced. Hope this review helped and thanks Emergency Essentials for the great product!

Posted on 2/21/11 by Tyler

Cost-effective and efficient water storage

These water storage units are fantastic for the price. My only issue was that the instructions said to be sure to keep the box dry for structural integrity, and I made the mistake of filling the first bag (while in the box) with cold water. This caused condensation on the outside of the bag which dripped down slightly, making the box damp. Initially, I thought the bag had a leak. Luckily I realized it was just condensation and did not make that mistake again. Also, be careful not to overfill the bag or you won't be able to get the box closed, and it can be a little bit awkward trying to dump out the excess water without getting the box wet. I plan on purchasing more of these to fulfill our water storage needs.

Posted on 1/28/11 by Kasey

Water Box

Good little product for water storage. When filling them take your time and put some papoer towels around the top of the box to catch the extra water if you spill. Fill as close to the top and get what air out and put the cap on. Should be good for years if done correctly and they stay dry.

Posted on 1/11/11 by Scott

Going on 10+ years

I've used the 25 gallon water kits since 1998. For the most part the kits work very well. Out of the 20 metalized bags in storage, two bags have left the water with an unusual taste, while the rest have worked out well over the years. The bags are stored in cardboard boxes, which is fine for the first few years, however, they will crumple with time. I've found 5 gallon buckets work very nice for long term storage and can be stacked several high without problems. Also, take an extra bucket lid and cut a hole just large enough for the cap of the bag to fit through. Thus, when you need water, replace the normal lid on the bucket with the modified lid, pull the cap through the cutout, and you can now use the water. I've left water in the bags up to five years. Water samples ranged from questionable to good from bag to bag. Rotating your water supply every 1 to 2 years seems to work the best.

Posted on 10/5/10 by Doug

A lot of reassurance for the money...

There's just too many good things about this kit to pass on. The 5 gallon cubes offer the most water storage in the smallest footprint. Compact and portable by all but the most invalid makes them great for "bug-out" water as well. Stacked neatly next to all that wonderful freeze dried and dehydrated food, they offer a lot of reassurance for palatable meals in the worst of times. Took only about 45 minutes to set-up and fill five cubes - with a little Colloidal Silver added for longevity. Will add a couple more sets when they're on sale again. :-

Posted on 8/4/10 by Philip

water storage

Love this product... however, the enclosed instructions do not tell you to place aluminum bladder into box before filling, found this out by reading the reviews. Other than that, no problems. Will purchase again.

Posted on 7/23/10 by Michael

My Favorite Water Storage Idea

This is my absolute all time favorite water storage method. The water stays wonderful year after year&; with no need for rotation. You are only supposed to put 5 gallons of water in the bag; and if you do that; the bag fits just fine into the box. They are easy to carry; and the spout on the cap makes the water very easy to dispense when needed. I recommend these to everyone I can!

Posted on 7/14/10 by Melody

This is the way to go for water

These water bags worked out great. Couple of tips. Make sure there is no air left in the bag and also you don't have to fill it to the top (otherwise it won't fit in the box).

Posted on 11/20/08 by James

Great Idea

This is a great product! It is small and easy to store in a closet or elsewhere. It is also great come moving time just let out the water and collapse the boxes. No need to worry about packing around huge barrells.

Posted on 4/8/08 by Jeff

Great way to store water

My husband and I purchased the water kit a few years ago for our storage. We filled them up and then forgot about them. We were going through our storage and decided to see if the water was good. It was perfect. I will keep ordering this for my water storage. It is a really great and easy way to store water.

Posted on 3/20/08 by Jenny

handy kit

this is a useful and economical kit

Posted on 1/10/08 by Jess

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Metallized Water Bag
Storage Box
Piece of Tape
Tech Specs
8.58 lbs.
Weight (filled with water):
each box will weight 40 lbs if filled to capacity.
Assembled Box Dimensions:
9” high x 9.5” wide x 16” long
Additional Info
Water can become undrinkable through chemical or microorganism contamination.  These metalized bags protect stored water from chemical and microbiological contaminants keeping the water clean until the bags are compromised or torn. The water that is put in the bags need to be clean originally.

After filling, each water box weighs approximately 40 lbs. Take caution when filling bags to avoid getting water on the boxes. After placing the full bags in boxes, they can be stacked up to three high to save space.

NOTE: The included rubber spigots are easiest to remove by pulling back (up and sideways) at the same time to release from the bag.
  • Basic 25 Gallon Boxed Water Kit