Barrel Buddies II



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Nylon barrel and gas shut-off wrench. Nylon barrel and gas shut-off wrench. Opening water barrels is convenient with a Barrel Buddies Wrench. It fits 2” and 3/4” barrel bungs, and the slotted cavity on the back works as a gas shutoff wrench.

Great for the price

I built a raft using 55 gal drums for flotation. This bung wrench allows me to open the bungholes in case the barrels get filled with water. It fits some of my barrels, but not all, though I suppose I could just buy new valves. The wrench is made with an average quality plastic that will likely break if you apply too much pressure, so if you are buying this to open a lot of barrels or really tighten the hell out of the valves, I would get something more durable. For the price though and my needs, this worked fine.

Posted on 9/4/10 by Casey

Have to have

It's probably not mentioned enough but if you purchase any of the 15, 30, or 50 gallon water storage drums, it's pretty much impossible to access the drums without one of these. Have to have.

Posted on 7/17/08 by Christopher

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3.4 oz.
10” long x 1.75” wide x 2” thick (at head)
  • Barrel Buddies II