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Scientifically tested, ASAP™ Silver Solution is a safe, bacteria-killing liquid that boosts the immune system in fighting off sickness and disease. Scientifically tested, ASAP™ Silver Solution is a safe, bacteria-killing liquid that boosts the immune system in fighting off sickness and disease. At 10 parts-per-million (ppm), this solution can be taken by both children and adults. These nano silver particles are created through a patented process that makes this supplement more effective than traditional colloidal silver. This solution is the #1 choice for thousands of doctors, medical professionals, and families.
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Nasal Congestion Gone

When I have a sinus infection, I cover the bottom of a 3-oz cup with fine salt, add warm water to the top, & 2-3 drops of liquid colloidal silver. Then inhale solution up my nose. Clears out the infection after 1-2 times. All have it on hand.

Posted on 1/23/14 by GreenFrog

Kept me from the stomach bug!

As the stomach bug was sweeping through the family after the holidays I started taking this about 20 sprays each day and night and it kept me from getting sick even though I was heavily exposed. My Husband did not take it and got sick. I was even sharing a straw with him all day long before he got sick..he learned his lesson and he uses it now too!

Posted on 1/10/14 by Mindy G.

Never Leave Home Without It!

While returning on a flight from Dallas I felt really sick. As soon as I got home, I checked the medicine chest and the only thing I had was ASAP. Temperature over 103. So, I took 2 teaspoons and went to bed. Had chills, fever, sweats, chills, fever, sweats all night long. When I woke up Saturday morning my sheets and pillowcases were soaked. I hadn't been this sick for many years. Took 2 more teaspoons and went back to bed. Saturday afternoon I woke up, felt better, drank some chicken noodle soup and went back to bed. Sunday I felt much better, but didn't know what I had or if I should go to church, so I stayed home and rested. Monday morning, I went into see my doctor first thing. He checked me out, did some X-rays, came back and said: "We'll you have pneumonia." Oh, I have walking pneumonia..."No, you have full onset should have been in the hospital." I feel fine, I'm going to work. "Oh no you're not going to work for at least another 3 to six days. What did you take anyway?" I showed him the bottle of ASAP....he looked it up on the internet and said: "This thing saved your life. You better take this everywhere you go. Never leave home without it!" 2 days later I was back at work...I travel over 170 days a year. I never leave home without it!

Posted on 10/8/13 by Kahuna

Haven't had the flu or a flu shot in 5 years!

ASAP is worth its weight in GOLD! You will not hear about this product from doctors or hospitals (even though they use it to kill really nasty stuff!) Doctors and hospitals are the business of selling you CRAP that doesn't work! ASAP is the BEST, SAFEST ANTI-BIOTIC out there!!! I have been using ASAP for 5 years and it works like a charm! I will take a spoonful when I feel something coming on, and will kill a sore throat or cough in 30 minutes!!! Always remember to take on an empty stomach, that way your body absorbs it faster! Please, please, buy as much of this as you can! Again, its worth its weight in GOLD!!!

Posted on 9/27/13 by geomc


I am so thrilled to have found silver solution. I have been using it for about a month and a half now and already it has proven itself! My six grandchildren (ages 1 1/2- 8 yrs old) had really bad colds with sneezing, coughing, runny noses , sore throats and fevers. . . For two full weeks ,each one exposed the other and they all came down with it. . . INCLUDING MY TWO DAUGHTERS AND THEIR HUSBANDS. I was constantly being exposed because they were over here while their parents were at work. I DID NOT GET SICK. People! I mean I was REALLY exposedl . . . these grandchildren were constantly on my lap, giving me kisses and even sneezing on me. . . not to mention the exposure from wiping all those snotty little noses!! Again, I DIDN"T get it! I had one day that I felt my sinus' start to swell, but that was it. and it only lasted a few hours. I LOVE THIS and plan on never being without it!!!! I just wish Emergency Essentials had this on group special ALL the time!

Posted on 9/24/13 by Cindy


I have been struggling with weightloss and bloated stomach for years... no answer... I recently took this spray and within 2 weeks I started loosing weight and the bloating is fading... I am in total shock. I only took 5 sprays from a friend a week ago. I bought a bottle for myself yesterday and still loosing weight... I'm thinking I had a parasite and now it's dead. No Complaints I'm stoked! Try it.. and wait and see.

Posted on 8/31/13 by chris

Even my cat loves this product

One of my cats seems to be prone to eye infections. At the vet it would be $200 for the visit and $60 for a 1/2 teaspoon tube of ocular antibiotics.

One drop a day of ASAP 10 ppm Silver in the eye for 5 days in a row and it's totally cured. It looks better faster than it ever did with the vet-prescribed medicine.

Posted on 8/11/13 by Mike

Sinus Infections

Used to get a lot of sinus infections. Started filing up my saline spray bottles with this and a little salt and haven't had a sinus infection since. Works Great.

Posted on 6/4/13 by Walt

Best ever

I learned about Silver many years ago. I was very sick at a young age when there were little or no antibiotics My grandmother mentioned other remedies all through my early life and silver was one of them. As a nurse, I tend to minimize the over use of antibiotics when there are more natural methods to be utilized

Posted on 9/8/12 by Liz W.

Can't Live W/O it!

I'm extremely susceptible to the flu and was told by an internationally renowned Dr. that the next flu shot I take most likely will kill me. I have used this product for about 15 years at first sign of illness and within a couple of hours am feeling normal. I will not be without 1 full unopened bottle on the shelf. This is without a doubt the best silver product available today!

Posted on 6/16/12 by Keith

1st time user-impressed

I received a nasty burn from a very hot pc of metal on my left index finger tip. Using a 24ppm gel, I applied to the painful finger which had blistered severely....7 hours later there was no blisters, no pain, and I was total astonished. Totally healed. I could not ask for any more than that. This 1st time user will be seeking more ASAP SILVERSOL as a backup.

Posted on 3/29/12 by Bruce

Praise God !!

I've been using a year now on yeast/fungus and cuts,burns on Daughters sinus situs and ladies itch and burning. Even a friend i gave some who was going through cancer treatments. He only was able to handle his treaments after taking S,Sol. Now Praise God hes in remition. This stuff is reported to have cured malaria, Hey buy some today .No joke! Don't enter the jungle w/out it!Its greatest fan Dan.

Posted on 3/12/12 by Dano S

Miracle in a bottle

I heated about a half a cup in the microwave and inhaled the steam for 15 minutes twice a day for a bronchial infection. It took about 5 days to completely clear my lungs and didn't have to take antibiotics.

Posted on 2/23/12 by Chris


I have used ASAP Silver Sol for so many of my sicknesses. Sore-throats, earaches,sinus infections, urinary infections, andmore.I no longer get colds and flu s. I use it on my pets also. My Dr.says I`m healthy. My diabetes is in normal range.I never want to be without it.

Posted on 2/9/12 by sandy

no taste

We have used this solution many times before with my family. I have used this with my babies, toddlers, and now older kids. It helps greatly for any illnesses or wounds. I have tried many other brands and most have a horrid taste. I was given a bottle to try and it was so gross no one wanted to take it. It may have been stronger, but what is the point, if it won't get used. This product is wonderful, and I can vouch that we all feel it doesn't really taste like anything. You won't regret your purchase!

Posted on 2/25/11 by Melanie


Our home, located on the Susquehanna River, flooded two years in a row. The last flood water was filled with toxic chemicals and poisons as three sewage treatment plants upstream were compromised and many homes' fuel tanks were overturned, dumping sewage and fuel oil into the river. Our home was poisoned and filled with black mold. Even though we ripped up the walk-in basement to bare studs and concrete; because the water wicked up the foundation and wood, the toxins remained. I suffered horribly with asthma symtoms and uncontrollable coughing for four years because of it. I had a high white blood cell count, because my immune system was fighting the overload. I honestly thought I was dying. I tried many cleanses, fastings, juicings, herbal remedies, prayer... everything I could think of to heal myself. NOTHING would touch the mold issues in my body, UNTIL I saw Jim B giving a testimonial on his show. Desperate, I borrowed $100 from a friend and bought five bottles. I took two tsp. three times a day until four of those bottles were gone. The coughing stopped, the crippling fatigue disappeared, the asthma symptoms, gone. I can breathe again! Had my blood checked, perfect! This stuff gave me back my life again, after four years of suffering... I cannot thank you enough. I would tell EVERYONE I love to use it. Thank you!

Posted on 12/12/10 by Susan Wells

A Must for Every Home

I recently used this product to get rid of a very very painful tooth infection. I thought I was going to have to have it pulled and could not sleep for the pain, but I started swishing this around the tooth 2-3 x a day and swallowing it and it totally got rid of the pain in a week. Get this while you can.

Posted on 9/24/10 by Betty

The safest and best choice

This is an incredible anti-bacterial agent. It's so easy to take for sinuses or sore throat. Just put it in a nasal inhaler and 2 squirts up each nostril and you'll heal so much faster. Love it!

Posted on 6/30/10 by John

Must have

Great product! Emergency kit should definitely have this! Great for water purification, burns, infections, yeast, And more
internal or external
keeps me and my family away from doctors office.

Posted on 4/2/10 by Carol


I had the flu,fever,chills,congestion, a sore throat that hurt so bad! I gargled with colloidal silver and then drank about 8 oz. Almost immediately my throat stopped hurting. I could feel the silver working all through my body. The next day I was cured except for a few sniffles. You can't overdose on it and it has no side effects no matter how many ppm it has. A wonder! I never take a flu shot, if I get it, its gone in 2 days with silver, and I don't risk whatever is in that flu shot!

Posted on 10/19/09 by SR B

It works

It is normal to be skeptical about claims of health products. I am not a person to be convinced easily, but I've put this product to the test. Each year I would get about two sinus infections and the antibiotics sometimes took two rounds to get rid of it. I get the typical sore throats and colds like everyone else. But since I started using asap silver, I have been able to get rid of these problems in 24 hrs after the first sign of onset. I do not take it on a regular basis, just when I get a symptoms. In the 4 yrs I've been using it, I have not had to get on antibiotics once. I have found nothing that eliminates a sore throat so fast. I am a skeptic who has proven it works on me.

Posted on 4/25/09 by Mike

Once believes

My doctor prescribed a strong antibiotic for an ear infection. After 10 days, and finishing the medication, I still had the infection and an intestinal problem from the destruction of the good bacteria. My husband suggested I try 10 ppm Colloidal silver solution under my tongue and a few tiny drops in my ears each evening. Within 24 hours there was a significant decrease in my earache. After several days, my ears have stopped aching totally, and my intestinal problem is almost gone. I'm a teacher and plan to continue to take the solution to keep my immune system strong to fight off the numerous bugs and infections that my young students bring to school to share. Thanks again for carrying such an incredible...ancient, nontoxic solution to today's toxic ailments.

Posted on 12/12/08 by Angela

I love this stuff

I love this product. I bought the spray pump with it, and I spray it on everything. From my eyes to my throat to sores on my dog and kids. Is it a coincidence that nothing gets infected? I don't think so, not from what I've read about coloidal silver. Great price, too.

Posted on 9/25/08 by Jennifer H.



Posted on 2/4/08 by DCM



Posted on 2/4/08 by DWAIN

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  • Store this solution at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
  • This solution contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or additives. It is made of distilled water and silver particles.
  • This product has a 2 year shelf life.
  • Best if taken roughly one hour before or after eating.

Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing, have any allergic reaction to trace minerals or if you have any chronic or recurring symptoms or illness, please consult a health care professional before using this product.
  • ASAP™ Silver Solution 8 oz
  • ASAP™ Silver Solution 8 oz