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AquaPod PlusOne Kit 130 Gallon Storage

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AquaPod PlusOne Kit 130 Gallon Storage
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The AquaPod PlusOne Kit is a simple, safe, and hygienic water storage product that allows you to store 130 gallons of water in your bathtubs. This kit includes 2 bathtub sized storage bags for up to 130 gallons versus the original AquaPod with one 65 gallon liner.

In the event of a looming disaster (such as a hurricane), pull out the AquaPod PlusOne Kit, place it in your bathtub, and then fill it up for 65 gallons of clean emergency water per AquaPod. Use the second AquaPod to fill up a second bathtub for even more of that precious emergency water.

The AquaPod costs much less than 130 gallons of bottled water, and can be stored out of the way until needed. The AquaPod PlusOne Kit provides a family of four with more than 30 days supply of water to meet more than just the basic needs of your family.

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Additional Information

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Tech Specs Dimensions (box) - 15” x 5” x 4”
Contents AquaPod PlusOne Kit 130 Gallon Storage

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