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Aqua-tainer® 7-Gallon Water Container is made of rugged, high-impact polyethylene with a handle so you can transport your water anywhere. Aqua-tainer® 7-Gallon Water Container is made of rugged, high-impact polyethylene with a handle so you can transport your water anywhere. These containers are also great for water storage. Includes a hideaway spigot with on/off tap to make accessing and using your water easy. 5-Year Warranty from Manufacturer. BPA-free.

Stacking Water Containers

I would just reiterate what others have said do not stack these more than 2 high, unless of course you don't mind 7 gallons of water on your floor in the morning. Otherwise I think these are by far the best option.

Posted on 11/12/13 by craig412

Good storage, but some caution needed

We use these as water storage when we travel with our trailer, stacked side by side in the bed of the truck. They seem heavier and more durable than the much cheaper translucent white polyethylene containers. However, from what we have read, they should not be stacked due to increased risk of failure or leakage, even though they appear to be designed to stack. Water weighs 62 pounds per cubic foot, so stacking 3-4 of these will put a couple hundred pounds of pressure on the bottom container. Even so, we like them.

Posted on 4/11/13 by Randy

Heavy Duty Containers!!!

I bought (8) of these for the family about 18 months ago. To date, no leaking, no cracking. I did stack (3) high when I first got em. There was minor deformaty to the containers, but no damage. Stack (2) high or just single placement to avoid issues. I would recommend these with no reservations. (Dont forget to change the water out). I change mine every 4-6 months. You can add chemicals like the 50 gallon tanks, but I keep it simple. I prefer no chemicals in my water.

Posted on 8/31/12 by scott

Favorite Water Container

These are our favorite water storage containers. We have several of these, and we stack ours 2 high. I love that they are BPA free, and that they have the attachable spigot too. Overall great containers!

Posted on 4/10/12 by Kelly

Don't Stack Them More Than Two High

I am overall pleased with the product, but I just recently moved the furniture these were stored behind and found a problem. I had stacked these three-high, full of water. The bottom unit had started to collapse. However no water leaked and there are no cracks. I would recommend only stacking them two-high.

Posted on 7/14/11 by Janelle

Gear that works

This is perfect for long term water storage and it can also be used for a portable water supply. For survival to the kids baseball game this will meet all of your water needs. They carry handle makes it easy to tote around and it can be stacked one on top of the other... The spigot makes it a joy to use and easy to fill cups or bottles and also be able to wash your hands with clean water... Great deal and very well made.

Posted on 12/25/10 by Joe T

great container!

I love this container! They are made so that you can stack them on top of each other because of a grove in the bottom. They also have a spigot under the cap that you can take out and reattach so that you can set the container on a counter and just pour water from the spigot. I love when products are this cleverly made!

Posted on 3/9/10 by Idaho girl

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Tech Specs
2.24 lbs. (36 oz.)
15.5” high x 11” wide x 11” thick
  • Aqua-Tainer® 7 Gallon Water Container