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All American Sun Oven

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All American Sun Oven
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Now you can cook, bake, dehydrate, and boil without using propane, charcoal, gas, or electricity. All you need is the power of the sun. Reach temperatures up to 400° Fahrenheit. Use the free energy of the sun to cook your favorite meals in the All American Sun Oven. Instead of using multiple appliances for steaming, baking, and dehydrating, you can accomplish all these tasks in the Sun Oven while saving money and wasting less energy in your home to run appliances.

Enjoy homemade pizzas, casseroles, and desserts during power outages or outdoor adventures. And with the Sun Oven, you won’t have to keep constant watch over your food because it will never burn.

This rugged, durable solar appliance is lightweight and portable, making it an excellent addition to your emergency cooking supplies.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Contents Includes: Sun Oven
E-Z Sun-track indicators
Dual purpose leveling rack
Wind resistant alignment leg with ground stakes
Reflective Panels
Virtual Sun Oven Cookbook and Emergency
Preparedness Organizer CD
Additional Info

Create Your Favorite Recipes

You can cook almost anything in a Sun Oven—breads, cakes, muffins, pizza, vegetables, poultry, fish, meats, casseroles, grains, pasta and desserts, just to name a few.

High Cooking Temperatures

Reach temperatures of 360 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which are more than sufficient to bake, boil, or steam your favorite foods.

Foods Tastes Better

Sun-baked foods stay moister and have less shrinkage than conventional oven-cooked foods.

You Choose The Cooking Time: Fast or Slow

Cooks in as little as 20 minutes longer than cooking in a conventional oven or stove top; also lets you slow cook all day—it’s up to you.

Heats Water

Heat water for drinking, doing dishes, and personal hygiene.

Is Ruggedly Built

Not a toy. It is a serious appliance that is made for years of trouble-free use.

Most Energy Efficient Way to Re-hydrate Food Storage

Uses less energy and water to re-hydrate and cook dehydrated and freeze-dried foods.

Hedge Against Power Interruptions

Be prepared for any interruption to traditional power sources. You will be able to cook any kind of food as well as boil water. You can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that as long as there is sunshine, you will have all the power you need to cook all your meals.

Use as a Solar Dehydrator

Dehydrate fruits, vegetables, or jerky.

American Made

Never Burn Dinner Again

There is never any burning or scorching to ruin a meal.

About All American Sun Ovens

Over the past 28 years, All American Sun Ovens have become highly-respected solar cooking appliances worldwide with a presence in more than 126 countries.

The Sun Oven can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees fahrenheit, great for boiling, baking, or steaming food. Cooks food in as little as 20 minutes longer than it would take on a conventional oven or stovetop, or you can use it as an all-day slow cooker.

For recipes to try out in the Sun Oven, follow the links below:
Solar Pork Chops with Apple Pear Cabbage
Spicy Roasted Cauliflower

Tech Specs Shipping Weight: approx. 19.75 lbs. (4.42 kilos)
Dimensions: (Stove with reflectors folded) 22.25 inches wide x 14.5 inches tall x 20 inches deep
Dimensions: (Stove with reflectors open) 32.5 inches wide x 30 inches tall x 25 inches deep

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