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This 72-Hour Food and Water Supply MRE’s (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) is a great option for camping and outdoor recreations as well as emergency preparedness and food storage because of their convenience, variety of flavors and longevity of storage. This 72-Hour Food & Water Supply MRE’s (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) is a great option for camping and outdoor recreations as well as emergency preparedness and food storage because of their convenience, variety of flavors and longevity of storage. This 72-Hour Food & Water Supply contains enough delicious meals and water for one person for three days. This supply provides a prepackaged, assorted variety of satisfying main dish entrees, MRE Heaters, sides dish entrees, desserts, bread/crackers, peanut butter, jam, cheese, drinks mixes, hard candy and utensils for added convenience. Originally designed for the U.S. Military MREs are precooked and can be eaten cold or heated. Included MRE Heater is a simple way to heat up your meal so you can enjoy a hot entrée anytime!
Their long shelf-life make them ideal for emergency kits and as apart of your food storage plan. Learn more about MRE shelf life with our insight article - MRE Shelf Life

Red Cross Ready Kit

I bought the kit as a trial before I would purchase four more for my family as part of our Red Cross emergency kits. I received the merchandise in a prompt manner and everything was there as promised. It is a very handy kit to have on hand for emergencies. The food varied from ok to great (personal preferences) but overall I was very happy with the kit. The only thing that kept me from giving it five stars was the price increased $11 per kit in the week it took me to decide to order the other four of the kits, just my luck.

{Response from Emergency Essentials: John, we are glad you like your kits and appreciate your feedback. We change our sales prices each month and this item's price may have changed with the new month. Please call our Customer Service at 1800.999.1863 so we can help resolve your concern. }

Posted on 5/7/14 by John

All worth it

Box arrived in good condition,opened the box and everything is all place,well arranged.i have not tasted it yet and that would be my follow up comment.

Posted on 10/23/13 by ramon

I'm Amazed

After all the awful things I've heard about MRE's over the years, I was steeled for the worst when some friends and I sampled my order of your MRE's at a prepper camp. We didn't even heat them up, to really give them the acid test. We were totally amazed. We sampled one of every entree and dessert, and liked them all! My personal favorite was the ratatouille. A year ago I went on one of those we-mail-the-food-to-you premium diet plans. Honestly? This food was every bit as good as the food I got there. I would happily eat these again.

Posted on 3/28/13 by Mama Grizzly


It is just beautiful.Great!

Posted on 3/19/13 by Poul

72hour food and water supply

Yes it is MRE's. yes there are 9. and yes most are the flavors you will not like. but it is a 72 hour food and water supply. and a fair deal

{Response from Emergency Essentials - Thanks for the review bob. You'll have to let us know what flavors you didn't like. We've surprised a lot of our customers with how good MRE's taste across the board - except for the holiday fruit cake MRE. Nobody liked that one...)

Posted on 3/8/13 by bob

Great value!

This is definitely a good value for the month. There is plenty of food and a good variety too. Everything fit in a large backpack for easy carrying. I didn't get eating utensils which would have been even better. I plan to buy 3 more of these for my kids.

Posted on 4/21/12 by Deborah

Very handy

A handy box of great food and more. You will eat pretty well with this portable box of food. I could probably stretch this to 4 days in a pinch, with extra water. (I'm a light eater) With the built-in heaters you don't need fire to cook. In a 3 day situation, one persons food worries are over with these supplies. Mine even had sporks, salt, pepper and napkins. Get someone to serve it up for you and you'll be royalty!

Posted on 7/6/11 by Gpops69

Great EmergencyFood Kit

Great Kit for the Money.

Posted on 5/5/11 by John

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MRE Heaters
MRE Main Dish Entrees
MRE Side Dishes
MRE Dessert
MRE Drink Mix
Water Pouch
Peanut Butter
Jam Packet
Cheese Packet
Hard Candy
Accessory Pack

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All substitutions will be of equal or greater value.

Additional Info
MRE is the acronym for Meals-Ready-to-Eat. These pouch meals were originally designed for our soldiers in the U.S. Military. These dishes are precooked and can be eaten cold or heated. Great attention goes into developing the recipes for MRE’s. You can also happily rotate these MRE meals into your camping, backpacking, lunches, or everyday meal planning. The on-the-go convenience of MRE’s makes them ideal for an emergency, when simplicity in providing a quick meal is crucial.
Pre-packaged assorted flavors of our popular MREs and accessories.
Approximate weight: 16 lbs
Box dimensions: 13” x 13” x 7 ½”
Each water pouch contains 4.2 ounces or water. Each MRE Heater is designed for one use, but can heat up to 2 MRE’s consecutively. Accessory pack includes: spork, napkin, salt, pepper and wetnap.
  • Improved MRE 72-Hour Food and Water Supply
  • Improved MRE 72-Hour Food and Water Supply
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