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5 Gallon Bucket with Lid

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Emergency Essentials®
5 Gallon Bucket with Lid
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Stackable, high quality food-grade plastic 5 gallon bucket that comes with a reusable heavy-weight lid.Store the food your family needs in bulk. These buckets allow you to store bulk grains, cereals, flour, sugar, and a wide array of other household items that you want to keep dry. Because they are stackable you can save storage floor space. The wide-mouth buckets allow easier access to your items and with a 5 gallon capacity, you can store the right amount of food or supplies conveniently. Store the items you use frequently such as flour and sugar as well as items for food storage. The bucket also works with Gamma Seal lids for convenience of opening and to color code your supplies. They also work well with metalized liners which provide a non-permeable seal for longevity of storage life.

Even non-food items that you want protected from the elements can be stored in this bucket. Photographs, memorabilia, important documents and other valuable can be stored and then transported easily when necessary.
These buckets are different from what you will find at a hardware store. These are high quality, thick (90 mil) food grade plastic bucket, so there aren’t harmful chemicals that may affect your stored goods.
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Additional Information

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  • Tips For Keeping Your Food Fresh
  • Keep food in the driest and coolest spot in the house-- and in a dark area if possible
  • Keep lids closed tightly and food covered at all times
  • Open buckets carefully so lids don't crack or chip, and close them tightly after each use
  • Plan a rotation schedule for the food you store in buckets
  • Contents 5 Gallon Bucket with Lid

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