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160-Gallon Water Reserve

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160-Gallon Water Reserve
Sku: WS B800

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Make water storage more convenient and efficient with the 160-Gallon Water Reserve. Now you can easily store large quantities of water in much less space. The 160-Gallon Water Reserve is designed to be stacked two-high to give you the storage capacity of about six 55-gallon barrels in less than a 7.5-foot square area of floor space. Despite its large capacity, the Water Reserve still fits through a standard door.

  • Enhanced quality plastic: FDA-approved high-density plastic is non-permeable and BPA-free. Enhanced with a special UV resistant formula to provide the longest shelf life for both your water and your tank.
  • Convenient: Filling and draining your tank is easy with the two included lead-free faucets (appearance may vary). Whether you are hooking up a hose or filling up a bucket, you
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info Q: Can I put this tank in-line with my house water?
A: Because your house water is pressurized and the tank is not, you cannot run water back into your house without a pump.

Q: Will my tank freeze over?
A: It is not common for the tanks to freeze all the way through. If frozen, find water through the center cap.

Q: Should I clean my tanks before filling?
A: Tanks are sterilized prior to delivery through an extremely high-temperature molding process. Rinsing your tanks may be helpful but washing them prior to filling is not necessary. Vacuum drills are used in the manufacturing process to minimize plastic shavings inside your tanks. To remove any shavings that may have fallen in during assembly you may use a vacuum or simply fill as normal then scoop the shavings off the top.  Plastic shavings are harmless and will float on top of your water. Chlorine, chlorine tablets, and other substances approved for treating water may be used upon filling your tank to kill bacteria that may have appeared during delivery. 
Tech Specs
  • Dimensions: 29 Wide” x 36 Deep” x 46” Tall
  • Weight (Empty): 50 lbs

Hardware Included: 2 ball valve spigots, thread seal tape, and a spring-loaded vent cap.

NOTE: Since tanks are new, it is recommended to ventilate tanks for 1 day before use.
  • 1 - 160 gallon tank
  • 2 - 3/4” spigots
  • 1 - 6” vent cap
  • 1 - 3/4” plug
  • 1 - roll of thread seal tape
  • 1- Assembly Instructions

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